The Big Dill World’s Largest Pickle Party

If you’re in a pickle about what to do next week, The Big Dill World’s Largest Pickle Party is coming to Baltimore with a special homecoming for a Maryland-grown company.Founded and created at Pickles Pub in Ocean City, Maryland, The Original Pickle Shot has expanded distribution across 22 states. Now, it’s making its way back to Maryland as a major sponsor for the nation’s biggest pickle party on Sept. 24 and 25 at Power Plant Live!

“Pickle shots are a Maryland thing and The Original Pickle Shot is Maryland,” said brand manager and co-owner John King. ”We are happy to be coming back to our home and to serve, interact and maybe take a few shots with our fans” at the event that King calls “our Super Bowl.”

In 2018, three friends — two of whom founded Ocean City’s Pickles Pub — created the pickle shot drink after mixing pickles and tequila to cure a hangover. The mixture was a hit and, through trial and error with customers at Pickles Pub and eventually replacing the tequila with vodka, the perfect recipe was created.

The brand has expanded its distribution from 50 locations in 2020 to over 5,000 locations in 2022, growing to a $12 billion dollar industry, according to marketing officials.

“This is our 4th year participating in the Big Dill event or we like to call it a party and each year it has gotten bigger and bigger.  No doubt this year will top them all,” King said in a statement.

Pickle lovers from all over the country will travel to Baltimore to experience 15 pickle companies, games, food, drinks, live music, a pickle eating championship, a brine chug challenge and more. 

“My favorite part will be when our friends from the band Stratus Fear play ‘The Pickle Shot Song’ they created for us a few years back on stage,” King told Baltimore Fishbowl. ”We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

Attendees will have opportunity to try out the original flavors as well as Bloody Mary’s and a new Spiked Pickle Lemonade.

Tickets to the event are available at

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